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Reverting to the old ways of shaving with a safety razor…

Reverting to the old ways of shaving with a safety razor…

Nov 3

An interesting article:


The first 6 months, I had no idea about any of the points mentioned above, but after I’ve gotten past the steep learning curves, I would agree with most of the points mentioned in the article. At the moment, I can’t exactly say that I enjoy what I create — it’s not very challenging. But, I make the best out of what I have. The amount of resources available to me is unbelievable…


Speak into a microphone, send this sound as electricity through your body, touch your finger to a friend’s ear, and allow them to hear through touch. Amazing. Ishin-Den-Shin.

Oct 9

Android Adventures - Getting Started With Android Studio

I’ve never been much of an Android programmer.. I figure I should get started. This seems like a fairly decent tutorial.

Oct 1
An attempt at painting with Procreate app in iPad.

An attempt at painting with Procreate app in iPad.

Lua and Love2D

I’ve been dabbling around with Lua on my spare time and found this to be fairly entertaining to play with. After a bit of searching, I found out that a javascript inspired framework of the Love2D API exists here … now I definitely will have to spend time with this.

I’m not a fan of javascript, but with the Love2D API, this makes writing a web page with animation seem a lot more entertaining :)

Sep 1

Random Thought…

A lot of people seem to view financial difficulties negatively, but I think it is a blessing in disguise. The experience of struggling financially lets us appreciate what we have. It keeps our desires and temptations in check and forces us to grow wiser. Children who grow up in such environment learn to appreciate what they have. Scarce resources are treated preciously and education/learning is treasured. I think financial struggles benefit us in many ways we don’t realize and as such, we shouldn’t be greedy about quickly overcoming our financial burdens. Wealth can be beneficial, but it can also be a curse in many ways — it invites temptations, unwanted attention, and can even ruin family ties.

Sep 1

Chateau Montelena in Napa Valley, CA.

Sep 1

Canon, Nikon or Sony??

I’m in a quest to search for a new DSLR. At first, I’ve narrowed down my decision to Canon 5d Mark III vs Nikon D800. Links I recommend reading to compare between the two:

In the end, it’s really up to what you’re focusing on for photography. Nikon has better night photography lenses and a faster autofocus system for fast action photos. Canon is truer to color reproduction. Another thing to weigh in: Canon 5d Mark III has some speed limitations with SD writes due to older hardware technology (just do a search: for canon 5d mark iii sd card speed limits). Nikon D800 does not have such issues. 

Since my focus is on landscape photography, I was leaning towards Nikon cameras…. that is until I spotted this article:

After comparing the prices of the different lenses I’d have to buy for Nikon vs Sony, I’m now in another state of indecision. Anyone have any experiences with the NEX-7 and the D800? What are your thoughts about night photography on the NEX-7? How about on the D800?


I spotted this bit:

 and decided I’ll wait till end of September before making a decision.